Hi, I'm Danni

I'm a massive creative at heart and always up for a good conversation! I'm also a proud natural redhead, dog lover and mint chocolate addict.

Born and raised in Perth, with endless trips to the South West to spend time with my family I've always loved my long road trips, which is probably why I always have a creative project on the go at any given time.

Photography has lead to endless opportunities and amazing friendships over the last 10 years but I believe the world deserves more than just good photos.

On average, one in 5 Australians will experience depression. My mission is to reduce the stigma of mental health, promote healthy and proactive mindset habits, and create a safe space for conversation.

I experienced depression as a teenager, but was neither diagnosed or received professional help for another 7 years. Self awareness and discovery came eventually and has helped the most with my mindset practices, but it was a long journey to get there.

There is no quick fix or cure. Managing anxiety and depression (for me personally) is an ongoing marathon, not a sprint. Everyone is different, with different experiences and stories, but no one deserves to feel alone.

Photo Credit: @strawberrysskiesphotography

Sometimes you just need a conversation

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